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Keystone Professionals is an Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (SIRA NSW – Site Number 459) and is an Approved Rehabilitation Program Provider (Comcare – Approval Number 15861595).


Keystone Professionals have been operating in NSW since 2003.


Keystone Professionals work extensively in the following areas:

icare – workers insurance

icare - workers care

icare – lifetime care

icare – dust diseases

CTP insurance

Life insurance and income protection

Consultancy services for employers


Keystone Professionals provide services throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and surrounding regional areas, including the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast (Qld) for NSW claims; Perth (WA)

Initial Assessment – Simple and Complex – same employer / different employer – Initial Needs Assessment


Synopsis of a claimant’s case; assessment of psychosocial factors; analysis regarding functional and vocational status and potential; and provision of recommendations and solutions to enhance recovery, promote independence, and assist a return to pre injury level of functioning.


Return to Work Facilitation


Case Management Services – Same of Different Employer – Physical and/or Psychological Injuries


Keystone Professionals return to work facilitation and case management services. The use of Outcome Measures is promoted so as to record a claimant’s change over time, with collaboration on SMART goals  which are tailored to individual’s requirements. Case Conferences are facilitated to negotiate goals and optimise outcomes for all parties. Ongoing constructive communication with all parties is emphasized until case closure is agreed.

Keystone Resolution Services – Mediation – Conflict Resolution – Case Reviews/Case Conferencing

Speciality Assessments / Services


• Home / Domestic needs / Activities of daily living

• Workplace

• Ergonomic

• Earning Capacity

• Functional

• Vocational

• Job Seeking / Career Coaching

• Vocational Counselling

• Job Placement

• Medico Legal


Introductory Training Programs


• Ergonomics

• Manual Handling

• OH&S

• Stress Management

• Conflict Resolution & Mediation

• Strategies for Case Management

• NSW Return To Work Coordinator Training

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