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Keystone Professionals provide specialised assessment; case management; and consultancy service, including training and mediation, in the areas of Injury Management and OH&S.

About Us

Keystone Professionals is an approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider.


We work with people after injury and illness to facilitate a return to optimal functioning, in the areas of their work and home life.     Our Injury Management services include: assessment; liaison with relevant parties including employers and treating parties; case management and linking with different services that may assist with recovery; and consultancy services, including training and mediation, in and WH&S.


Keystone Professionals provide rehabilitation services to educate and empower, promote recovery, independence and suitable return to work, to the pre-injury employer or alternate employment, or to pre injury level of functioning, within the most effective and efficient means possible.


Keystone Professionals provide a framework that allows for flexibility to ensure the needs of customers are met in a tailored service.


Using a problem solving frame of reference, results in services that consider physical, psychological, psychosocial and environmental factors.


Keystone Professionals refer to the growing body of knowledge that underpins evidence based practice.

Our aim is to provide service characterised by collaborative, objective and concise communication; prompt and reliable feedback; practical and sustainable solutions.


Keystone Professionals are preferred providers for many insurers and have service agreements with many state, national and international organisations, within a variety of industries. These industries include:


• Health care

• Aged care

• Manufacturing

• Insurance

• Finance

• Government

• Charities and associations

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